Website Advertising


As a business owner there are multiple avenues to spend your money. Business expenses might include office rent, office supplies, telephone/internet connections, etc. Advertising would also be a part of that pie.

There are various types of advertisements. You could put an ad in the newspaper. You could create flyers and post them at different locations with a lot of people traffic. You could rent a billboard along the freeway, create a television commercial, or leave your business card in a coffee shop. The purpose of advertisements is to inform as many people as possible about your services.

Now, the aforementioned strategies have worked for many entrepreneurs, but what if your advertisements could reach 100 million people a day? 100 million people seem like a steep number, but not impossible when you look to website advertising.

Website advertising can be achieved in different way. You can create a business website for your company or you can hire a professional designer to make one for you. You can work with Google or Yahoo to run a banner ad on one of their searches. You can also set up an advertising account with Facebook or MySpace and have your company ad seen by over 400 million of their active members.

Depending on which website advertising method you decide to use, you could spend anywhere between $1 to some odd thousands on advertising. When you research what would work best for you, make sure you take into account your target market group.

Make sure you leave a slice of your budget pie for website marketing.


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