Smart Advertising Saves Space


Content is vital to the success of any website. That’s why there is a real limit to the amount of advertising you can put on your pages. Even if you are intending to set up a website for the sole purpose of making money from ads, you need to provide as much information on your chosen subject as you can. If you don’t, people may not bother to revisit your site.

It’s clear that getting the balance right between content and advertising is crucial to the success of any website. That’s why in text contextual advertising offers a better solution to the problem of space than many other forms of advertising do. What’s more, it is also far more interactive. It’s easy to ignore a fixed ad situated in a specific place on the page. But when a word in an article appears in a different color and is underlined, most people will be tempted to roll their mouse over it to see what it has to tell them.

And because the ad which appears will be relevant to the text they are reading, the chance of them clicking through to find out more is much higher than it would be for a static ad. Just think of the benefits this has for you – more space to provide more useful content for your visitors, and a better chance of earning a decent amount from your advertising efforts. And all for less work on your part.

It really is smart advertising at its best, and it solves many of the problems that traditional advertising brings online. Normally you would have to consider where on your website the ads would appear. Which spot is best? Which one will bring you the best conversion rate?

At the very least you can expect to do some testing, and it will take some time to find the optimum spot for you and your website. With in-text contextual ads that appear within the text itself, you don’t have to worry about this. Everything is taken care of for you, and it’s the keywords within the text that determine where the ads will appear. So long as you write good content, the contextual advertising network will do the hard work.

So the only thing you need to think about now is how to make better use of the space that you were going to allocate for static advertising. After all, if contextual ads are bringing you the return you were looking for, you might want to think about adding another article or links to other pages in that space instead.