Advertising Sales Director Job Profile


If you are ready to work your way up in your preferred  advertising  agency then glance at a career of an  advertising  sales director. This is a supervisory post, and if you knew, you only had to manage a group of  advertising  sales reps then vouch for valuable info.

A director starts from sales management to budgets,  advertising  projections and technicalities of the suited ad or product. This is one job where you have to be all ready, communicative; self motivated, presentation savvy, do great oral and written comprehension, and be up smart. Well, if this interests you, then read on, and know the job profile.

Your role

Primarily, your work as an  advertising  sales director would focus on creating and placing ads, but you should be an able negotiator. You will have to negotiate agreements with client’s staff or other  advertising  sales reps but an  advertising  sales director’s work would be in conjunction with marketing management and public relations.

With the campaigning and promotion process going on, you are to look after the well being of the overall process, and team up your work with marketing and  advertising .  Advertising  sales director jobs make sure you have enough reasoning capacity and the ability to supervise all the nitty-gritty of the  advertising  process.

Take a step forward

To become an  advertising  sales director, guide yourself to the pre-requisites, and if you have the qualities for effective promotion of product or any service then make sure your CV adds to the following-

Role of an ad sales director- You are in charge of an entire promoting, and  advertising  process, so make sure you oversee the presentation, graphics, drafts, and all multi- media projection before briefing the client.

Education requisites- You should have a Bachelor’s degree in  advertising  and minimum 5 years of field experience.  Advertising  sales director employment requires a degree in journalism or  advertising , where copywriting, principles of ads, strategic inducements, consumer behavior are incorporated.

Getting a job- This work is challenging and it requires tolerance and competency, and according to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) jobs for ad sales directors are going to increase.

Experience- Gaining experience is a must as you may not enter the ad agency as an executive at first. You may start as a sales rep or copywriter and work your way up to it.

Join a professional recruiting organization- Such organizations like American Association of  Advertising  Agencies, can prove to be beneficial in  advertising  sales director career.

Option of continuing education- Through such organizations you can carry on your education by conferences, workshops etc.

Money making-Your salary may vary at an average of $113,434, but majority make money within a range of $96,876 and $156,266. It is lucrative as well as spontaneous.

This is a good career opportunity in terms of requirements and placements, and if your profile matches with an  advertising  sales director then bang on the work desk. This is your key to success.