VP Advertising Jobs


There are usually two kinds of jobs one of technical and the other is creative. There are lots of people who do not like to enter into the technical field. They prefer the field in which they can show their talent and creative and create something new and entertain people.

Advertising is one of the industries which have become quite popular these days. Today a large number of students and other professionals prefer this kind of creative jobs. There are various departments and posts in the advertising industry.

If you are looking for a career in advertising jobs then you first need to have all the qualities that are required to join the media industry. Advertising is one of the ways to promote and market the products and services so that they can be sold off easily.

In the advertising industry too there are usually two divisions. One team is the creative team which creates new things while the other team is the technical team which looks after the clients and the accounts. One of the most important posts present in advertising is that of a VP or the vice president.

If you are interested in VP advertising jobs then you need to make sure you fulfill the criteria required to hold this position. The vice president of advertising will look after the retention as well as acquisition of the customers. This person needs to report to the chief marketing officer.

If you are seeking VP advertising work then you must remember that you will not have a single duty. There are lots of duties and responsibilities. You must also remember that this is a high post and therefore you must behave and act accordingly.

The person chosen for VP advertising employment must also create the marketing and advertising plan for the company. He must also review the creative process for creating an advertisement. He must make sure that the creative team meets the plan and the process must also be aligned to the brand.

One of the major duties of the person selected for the television advertising jobs is to decide about the media. It is very important to choose the right kind of media for the product or service.

He must also make sure that all the objectives outlined for the advertisement are followed by the creative team. The objectives must also be followed in the marketing plan. He will have to review all the advertising literature and sales to make sure things are in the right path.

VP advertising careers are becoming one of the hottest trends these days. You can look for these jobs on the internet. There are various job sites which offer jobs based on advertising. VP advertising employment is a strict process because the person needs to perform a lot of hard work.

He also needs to take the responsibility of recruiting, training and hiring staff that will report to him and will work under him. He must have an experience of at least 5 years to get VP advertising jobs.


Small Business Advertising Ideas – Free Advertising


Here’s a handful of small business advertising ideas that you can use to get free advertising for your business. Today’s tough economic climate has made us all pull in our belts and trim the fat, especially from our advertising budgets. The money saved this way can be put to better use in your business.

There are a number of ways to bring buyers in without having to spend a lot.

The classifieds

The local classified section usually has a section for free ads. This is a bonus to the small business, as hundreds of potential buyers see your ad. Use as many free classified ads but keep a record of sales from them. Once you find which works best you can gradually cut down on the ones not bringing in the business and only use the sales generating ones. This tracking of ads takes some time at first but it’ll be well worth it at the end.

Message boards and local shops

Most malls and larger shops, even some small ones have a message board for customers to post messages. If you regularly use certain shops, ask the owner or sales person if you could leave some flyers or business cards on the counter, put up a flyer on the board, a small message/notice in his window, and you could advertise his business in the same way if he is not a competitor.

Any public and social venue you attend, leave your business cards for the public. Especially if the social gathering is related to your line of business, is an industry event, or in a public building. One person I know leaves cards in public restrooms on the counters, and within minutes (not hours) they are gone.


This one is not entirely free but it is a small price to pay for the exposure it gets your business. Offer a local charity, fire department, police station, or any public service a new product or related service of yours, then let your local paper know about it as an item of interest for their readers. You might be pleasantly surprised by the response and interest of the public. This is a good way to advertise and it’s free.

Word of mouth

This is the very best and most effective free advertising any business can have. If your service/product is great, people will talk about it. Networking at social events can work wonders. If you are an “online person”, Twitter can create buzz for your business. Make lots of friends on Facebook and tell them about your business, but don’t spam or give them a sales pitch. Join in discussions on forums and give other members value first before discussing your business. Blogs are great for giving and getting feedback. Also, writing or paying someone for an ezine article about your product/service (discussing or reviewing your product) can lead to sales as long as you don’t hard-sell.

There you have it. These small business advertising ideas can save you some hard earned money and boost your business at the same time. Almost forgot: consider creating your own blog about your business.


Advertising Trends 2013


In 2012, the mobile industry saw great strides being taken. This was a year when this industry began to be priority in itself. Mobile internet, tablets and Smartphones had gained mainstream importance among a large segment of the consumers. This development led many advertisers and marketers to significantly increase their spending in mobile advertising. Mobile application fast became a trend which was increasing adopted by a vast number of developers and programmers, due to this momentum shift towards the rising mobile platform.

Investment in the mobile industry is presently considered a smart move. As a result, following latest advancements in technology, analytical comparison and understanding consumer behavior much better, mobile ads spending has now hit the $1 Billion mark. Today, every major player in the field seeks to gain an instant mobile presence through mobile apps or the mobile web.

In the current year, m-commerce and mobile advertising is playing a key role in overall consumerism. Development in mobile application is now focusing on hardware and new apps that help to facilitate a consumer to buy whatever they want by using their mobile devices. As mobile advertising is expected to play a role of constant growth, retailers are making all out effort to ensure that they succeed in offering the best possible experience.

Mobile advertising space is already flooded with a diversity of demand-side platforms and ad vendors to choose amongst. In every probability, during 2013 larger networks are quite likely to take over smaller networks, with independent networks going public in their turn. On the other hand, different ad spectrum sides of the mobile, vis-à-vis servers, networks and demand-side platform, will amalgamate, resulting in well sorted alternates for advertisers, as well as better transparency for publishers.

A comparatively new advertising technology, known as real-time bidding, provides advertisers with more control as well as the potential to target a specific audience. Likewise, publishers are given more opportunities to monetize their ad space by selling on competitive auctions. These advertising trends are now available in the mobile industry and experts predict the trend will only grow further as the year progresses.

As this development takes hold, the conventional network system of single ad will cease to be effective for publishers. Hence, they will find themselves compelled to make a move towards assuming ad operations, complex reporting platforms and ad serving, to fuel their respective mobile advertising campaigns. Most big league players will setup their own in-house teams for ad operations, which are specifically mobile focused.

Mobile industry is expected to work towards developing standards as well as drive the adoption process. To an appreciable extent, this will help in resolving perceivable issues related to various platforms. Associations such as MMA and IAB have formulated standards to help publishers and ad vendors to create more effective ads. By mid-2013, majority of the expansive mobile industry is expected to adopt these standards, making it far easier for buyers and media planners to allocate as well as execute their mobile campaigns successfully. As such, ad space on mobile will move ahead at full throttle.


New Advertising for Local Business Owners


If you run a business, you already know that advertising is key to getting the word out about your company. As a local business, there are many advertising mediums that may be cost effective for your current needs. You might have advertised on radio, television, newspapers, phone books, and even sponsored small events. Are you still struggling by though, and need new effective ways to advertise? Or do you just want to see a steady increase in the customer store visits that already have? Then read on and learn of a new little known, inexpensive method that can drastically increase your in store revenues.

Let’s first look at some of the advertising sources you probably go through now for new local clientèle.

Newspapers: Newspapers are good for getting the word out it may seem for the most part. You can place a small display ad for about $500.00 a day. While the the expensiveness of this method can be a debatable subject, we all know not everyone can afford this price on a daily basis. It’s just too expensive for he smaller mom and pop store to advertise to the consumer. Your ad isn’t guaranteed to be read in a newspaper either, and there is a good chance you won’t have much success without at least one month of solid ad exposure.

Radio: I hate to say this about radio, but with the addition of newer medias this is a dying method of advertising. Aside from technology, putting entertainment more and more into the hands of listeners and less into the hands of the stations, there’s the cost. Costs can run you about the same as a newspaper display ad but unlike with newspapers, it can be a lot more hard to be guaranteed any listeners for your advertising campaign. Radio stations can only guarantee a population radius of reception.

Television: While television costs are indeed going down for advertising, there is a reason for this. The real estate is thinning out with the explosion of many diverse channel networks not to mention cable on demand services. Production of a cheesy looking commercial can cost you somewhere in the thousands, and running your advertising campaign daily can cost you far more than your production to ensure your message gets across to your audience. Many commercials are muted these days by viewers lets not forget. Many people watch television for entertainment and find commercials mostly as another daily nuisance in their hectic lives.

Phone Directories: Costs for a basic listing can run in the hundreds not to mention the cost of display advertising or incentive coupons. Phone directories though are not a bad option at all. In a directory you are listed under your local industry and people that are actively seeking and ready to spend money on such services/products can find you. There is not much bad to say about a phone directory really with the exception of pricing.

For now that is all I will talk about in terms of traditional advertising mediums, I know, there are more, and yes I didn’t mention online advertising opportunities either, which there are many great opportunities for a local business, but there are other articles that can be used to focus on that particular subject later. What I really want to do now is open your eyes to a new untouched advertising source that will ultimately benefit your local business and it’s overall advertising dollar value grabbing your customers and better yet, at the point of the purchasing or visit decision.

Yes, a new advertising service is available that gives you local recognition while giving you measurable insight on the effectiveness of your advertising campaign with no additional tools required. What if I told you that each time someone looked in the Yellow pages of a phone directory that you could be the first business they saw? No other business, just yours? Well, what if I also told you that the same person looking for your type of business actually was handed a phone with your business number already dialed and ringing? Would you want to purchase that type of advertisement? I bet you would, but you probably wouldn’t be able to afford it, or at least that’s what your thinking right now as I mention this. First off I’ll say advertising this effective is possible and does indeed exists. Affordable though? Answer is again, yes.

The advertising service I speak of is probably from a company you have already heard of. A company that as we speak, Google is trying to replicate. The company is 1-800-FREE 411 and this company has compiled a database of every local business in the US and has them listed in every category of industry for the American consumer to find from their phones for free.

When a caller calls the information service for a phone number they are fed a quick advertisement of a paid advertiser (competitor) and given the option to connect to the other business free of charge. The business that receives the call pays for the potential customer a one flat fee for the connection. What the business pays can be very little, as little as $3.00, but what is even better is what your paying for. Your paying for a highly motivated customer, who is ready to buy or visit your store or place of business. What would you rate that out of 1 and 10 for advertising value?

I think you can see what this service can mean for you and your business. Increased consumer awareness, greater brand recognition, and faster sales conversion just to name a few, right? Well this service exists for business owners and with over 20 million free 411 calls a month, you can be sure someone is calling information for one of your competitors right now or in the very near future.

As far as affordable, they currently (as of 2007) require a minimum deposit of $100.00 which also includes a free voice commercial read from your own written 250 word script. With no production fees or contracts, you can obviously see the overall value and cost effectiveness of this form of advertising. It might be wise to test drive the service for the minimum deposit and see for yourself how effective this advertising really can be for your own local business, your competition will be soon I’m sure.


Ways to Get Cheap and Free Advertising


 Advertising  is the most important way for a business to achieve sales. Without  advertising , a business along with its products and services will not be introduced to the public making no sales to come in to business. This is how important it is that a product or business is properly advertised so that it can attract media and sales. This is the reason why many businesses would spend big amounts of money just to have that perfect  advertising . But for those who know how to properly make use of their resources understand that  advertising  can be obtained at a cheap cost and sometimes even for free.

One way to attract cheap or free media is by sending out press releases. It is better if you can include photos of what the release is talking about. This will attract people to get to know more of the product that you are  advertising . If you have a website of your own, you can publish the press releases so that more people will be able to know more of it. Press releases are the cheapest way to get media attraction and  advertising . Once you get to know the techniques on how to create good press releases, your business will surely benefit much from it. Articles, blogs and even copy writes are also used today in achieving good  advertising  for a business. You just need to submit them to websites that accept and help in distributing them to the internet. This will put your articles, blogs or copy writes to the search engines. This will be able to give  advertising  for free since once it has been searched, the possibility that the browser will click on your website is big.

E-mail is also another way to get free media. You can just simply send out sales letters or auto respondents so that people will get to know more of what your business is offering. But first, you need to get leads so that you can gather as much email addresses that you can. Some people do not really acknowledge the efficiency that this method can give. But actually, this is one of the cheapest yet most effective ways to attract market and sales for a business.

 Advertising  is simple and easy as long as one knows how to make use of the resources that one has. In the case of using the internet, there are tons of ways that can be used for the benefit of the business. These methods can easily be learned and will surely provide great results. Even business owners can learn how to handle their own  advertising  just as long as they have the time for it. A lot of online businesses are taking advantage of the powers of the internet. And by simply using this, the business is able to profit much and get all the benefits that they can get from it. So, before you spend your money on  advertising , choose other methods that will not make you spend too much money on it.


Aerial Advertising Is Taking Off


Running a successful business depends on many factors, the most important of which is probably advertising. You may be selling excellent products or services, but if consumers and potential clients are not aware of their existence, your business may not go exactly as you had hoped. Fortunately, as a business owner, you are presented with many options when it comes to getting the word out there, so to speak. There are quite a few means of advertising to choose from. It is up to you to opt for the most effective and most suitable for your business. This article will look into aerial advertising and how aerial advertising services can be extremely beneficial for your business.

As has been said before, when it comes to reaching potential customers, you are presented with many options. These ways of advertising are very diverse, as far as both cost-effectiveness and efficiency go. Many business owners are tempted to keep their advertising budget as low as possible, failing to realize that it will most likely not have the positive results that they were hoping for. Then again, everyone praises the Internet, as a great channel for the distribution of all sorts of information, including advertisements. As true as it may be that the Internet is gaining ground over the other means for getting the message out, such as television, radio or classifieds, not everyone is connected to the Internet all the time. Furthermore, with the huge number of websites out there, getting the word out to a wide audience will be quite difficult, unless you come up with some brilliant idea.

Aerial advertising refers to advertising by means of banners that are towed by small airplanes. The best thing about aerial advertising is that it allows for your message, slogan, logo or ad to be seen by thousands of people, all at about the same time. As you can realize, most of these people are potential customers, and your message is bound to be remembered, as aerial advertising is not a very common way to get the word out there. However, more and more businesses are resorting to aerial advertising, as they realize the efficiency and effectiveness of this means of advertising. People have become rather immune to the traditional ways of advertising. They switch channels when commercials are on, they skip the pages with classifieds in newspapers, and banners and posters don’t draw their attention anymore. But it’s common knowledge that most people tend to look up when they hear an airplane that is flying rather low. If they happen to see your ad written on the banner being towed by the airplane, they are very likely to remember it, as this is a fairly unique way of getting their attention.

Aerial Advertising services are available from many companies that specialize in this type of advertising. The Internet is a good source of information when it comes to choosing aerial advertising services. Arnold Aerial Advertising is one of the many companies that provide such services. Located in New York, Arnold Aerial Advertising provides nationwide service with affordable rates.


Advertising Sales Director Job Profile


If you are ready to work your way up in your preferred  advertising  agency then glance at a career of an  advertising  sales director. This is a supervisory post, and if you knew, you only had to manage a group of  advertising  sales reps then vouch for valuable info.

A director starts from sales management to budgets,  advertising  projections and technicalities of the suited ad or product. This is one job where you have to be all ready, communicative; self motivated, presentation savvy, do great oral and written comprehension, and be up smart. Well, if this interests you, then read on, and know the job profile.

Your role

Primarily, your work as an  advertising  sales director would focus on creating and placing ads, but you should be an able negotiator. You will have to negotiate agreements with client’s staff or other  advertising  sales reps but an  advertising  sales director’s work would be in conjunction with marketing management and public relations.

With the campaigning and promotion process going on, you are to look after the well being of the overall process, and team up your work with marketing and  advertising .  Advertising  sales director jobs make sure you have enough reasoning capacity and the ability to supervise all the nitty-gritty of the  advertising  process.

Take a step forward

To become an  advertising  sales director, guide yourself to the pre-requisites, and if you have the qualities for effective promotion of product or any service then make sure your CV adds to the following-

Role of an ad sales director- You are in charge of an entire promoting, and  advertising  process, so make sure you oversee the presentation, graphics, drafts, and all multi- media projection before briefing the client.

Education requisites- You should have a Bachelor’s degree in  advertising  and minimum 5 years of field experience.  Advertising  sales director employment requires a degree in journalism or  advertising , where copywriting, principles of ads, strategic inducements, consumer behavior are incorporated.

Getting a job- This work is challenging and it requires tolerance and competency, and according to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) jobs for ad sales directors are going to increase.

Experience- Gaining experience is a must as you may not enter the ad agency as an executive at first. You may start as a sales rep or copywriter and work your way up to it.

Join a professional recruiting organization- Such organizations like American Association of  Advertising  Agencies, can prove to be beneficial in  advertising  sales director career.

Option of continuing education- Through such organizations you can carry on your education by conferences, workshops etc.

Money making-Your salary may vary at an average of $113,434, but majority make money within a range of $96,876 and $156,266. It is lucrative as well as spontaneous.

This is a good career opportunity in terms of requirements and placements, and if your profile matches with an  advertising  sales director then bang on the work desk. This is your key to success.


Maximizing Your Exposure With Airplane Advertising


The entire goal of your  advertising  campaign is to make sure that your message is heard in the loudest, clearest and most effective way possible. This is what will allow people to know that your product exists and that they should give it a try the next time they are looking for something like it.  Advertising  is the best way by which to make people remember your name, brand, or product the next time they need to go shopping. Of course, the trick always comes with finding the best way to do your  advertising .

Airplane  Advertising  Lets You Become the Centre of Attraction

Airplane  advertising  is one of the best options you could avail of when looking for the most original way to get your product or service out there. By hiring a small plane to fly a banner over a large group of people, you will be exposing your message to thousands of people all at one time. One of the best things about airplane  advertising  is that there will be no other advertisements in your way to distract your audience’s attention. It is the best way to grab the attention of thousands of people at once while you pitch your product or service.

Navigating the Different Banners in Airplane  Advertising 

There are many different ways that you can form a banner to use with airplane  advertising  of which these two are the most popular:

o Letter Banner: Perhaps the easiest way would be to make a letter banner, where you can customize a message to fly over the group. If this message is direct enough, people will notice this banner and its message will stick in their minds. This can give any potential consumer the chance to know about a new store opening, a great new product being unveiled, or even a sale which everyone should attend.

o Graphic Banner: Another type of banner that airplane  advertising  will often use is the sort which flies a graphic banner over a group. These can be like billboards which one may actually find on the side of the road yet they will be flying through the air instead. This can be the perfect way to grab someone’s attention and give them an image which will stick in their minds for the next time that they need to find a product or a service like the one that you offer.

When you attempt to grab someone’s attention through airplane  advertising , you are actually making a very wise decision in terms of marketing. While airplane  advertising  will only grab the attention of thousands of people at one specific moment in time, you may be achieving just as much, if not more, as a traditional television commercial. Most people have learned to block these commercials out either by not paying attention or even changing the channel.

Airplane  advertising , however, takes only a few seconds for people to notice your ad and absorb the information. This will continue to stick in their minds, especially because the chances are low that many of your competitors will be doing this as well. In fact, chances are that you will be the only one using airplane  advertising  to reach a group. Knowing this, you can gain a great advantage by reaching your audience in a way that no one else will!


Website Advertising


As a business owner there are multiple avenues to spend your money. Business expenses might include office rent, office supplies, telephone/internet connections, etc. Advertising would also be a part of that pie.

There are various types of advertisements. You could put an ad in the newspaper. You could create flyers and post them at different locations with a lot of people traffic. You could rent a billboard along the freeway, create a television commercial, or leave your business card in a coffee shop. The purpose of advertisements is to inform as many people as possible about your services.

Now, the aforementioned strategies have worked for many entrepreneurs, but what if your advertisements could reach 100 million people a day? 100 million people seem like a steep number, but not impossible when you look to website advertising.

Website advertising can be achieved in different way. You can create a business website for your company or you can hire a professional designer to make one for you. You can work with Google or Yahoo to run a banner ad on one of their searches. You can also set up an advertising account with Facebook or MySpace and have your company ad seen by over 400 million of their active members.

Depending on which website advertising method you decide to use, you could spend anywhere between $1 to some odd thousands on advertising. When you research what would work best for you, make sure you take into account your target market group.

Make sure you leave a slice of your budget pie for website marketing.


In App Advertising – Excellent Opportunity


Given the huge popularity of mobile applications, it is just the right time for industry players to monetize them. This can be achieved with In App Advertising, which offers the perfect opportunity for cashing in on the growing potential and demand for phone applications.

Mobile phones have emerged as a great means for advertisers to promote their brand through ads before an application begins or while it is loading. The mobile phone advertising industry is highly fragmented with several participants, such as advertisers, developers, advertising agencies, networks and enablers. Although In App Advertising has yet to result in significant monetary returns for advertisers, it should be viewed as a long-term investment with the potential to pay back handsomely when the technology and market matures.

The revenue generating power of mobile advertising, especially In App Advertising, is expected to grow with the improvement in smart phone penetration, improved quality and techniques of advertising, and better use of targeting techniques.

The Process of In App Advertising

Interested in monetizing your application for an iPhone or Android? Approach an advertising agency or an advertising network provider and provide information about your company and the nature of application developed by you. Information about your application will help the advertiser choose an appropriate advertisement. Some advertising providers also test the viability of an application and its suitability to the instrument for which it has been developed.

The next step is to download and develop a Software Development Kit (SDK) which will help in the incorporation of an in Application Advertisement. A developer can easily upload his application with the fully integrated SDK. Some ad or analytics providers also incorporate features that help developers understand the way people are using their applications and assess their revenues.

Forms of In App Advertising Monetization

A large number of players are operating in the mobile advertising segment and have developed ways to insert advertisements in various mobile instruments, such as Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Palm, Symbian and Windows Mobile. Some commonly used In App Advertising are:

– Banner Ads of varying sizes depending on the type of mobile phone

– Ads that link through to pre-existing websites that can be viewed by Flash

iVdopia is a leading media advertising network provider that offers pre application videos for product advertisements or campaigns. These videos play when a user launches a specific application. iVdopia also offers Talk2Me ads that allow for greater interaction with the user. To know more about the company, visit ivdopia.com.